Dear Skier,

Looking over the collection, year over year it becomes evident that our design philosophy, and the inherited proprietary technology that gets handed down from each generation of skis to the next, all seemingly contribute to what sets a 4FRNT ski apart from anyone else’s. We built upon the release of The Devastator and Aretha in 2013 to engineer the Reflect TechTM shape one step further into a ski touring specific model known only by the moniker: “The Raven.” Further to the point of synergy in our collection we added to the identity series a Titanal constructed powerhouse called the “Gaucho”. From our inception and creation in 2002 to now, we make it our mission to lead the industry in innovation through collaboration with our athletes. This passion and spark for collaboration still guides us today in welcoming Kye Petersen to the 4FRNT family. It is our pact as a group of passionate individuals to build for you the most dynamic, diverse and authentic products so you too can share in the joy and excitement that flows through the brand we proudly call our own.

Tips up,

Matt Sterbenz — Founder