Rider owned. Rider inspired.

I wore a lot of white denim in fifth grade. I remember because it masked the presence of my immobilizing knee brace I wore as result of a “skiing accident” the moguls inflicted on me that year. It was my first publicly recognized injury from skiing. Since then, I’ve publically humiliated myself multiple times over the years to friends and family. Then, it was as much a badge of honor as it was a nuisance when attempting to hold down my corner of foursquare during recess.

The relevance to ACDC’s “Highway to Hell” billboard hit, my first ski injury, bleached denim and 4FRNT is that we are now quintessentially the same age. 11 years of scraping my shins, playing with fire and faking sick. 11 culminating years of building ski moulds, ripping apart our team riders skis only to rebuild them better and stronger has given us the confidence, poise and passion to turn this old sport into a kids game again.

4FRNTs’ kid life remains simple. Do only as much as you are told while dreaming, crafting and exploring every lasting moment between the ringing of the afternoon bell and the flashing house lights indicating its time for dinner. I embrace the adolescence of our companies’ tender age except for now, it’s not the school bell we are chasing rather the last ride up before the day’s end of another glorious day on the hill.

New skis, a new binding; all the pieces sure to make you feel invincible on slopes lies within our new collection you have before you.

See you out there.

Matt Sterbenz — Founder