Aretha Aretha
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Back in our development lab we call The White Room, we wanted to continue using Reflect-Tech in a meaningful way to offer more unique skis with this fantastic technology. The deep powder hound Renegade and big mountain devouring HOJI could use a cousin we thought. A ski that handled similarly, but in a more all-mountain configuration and with a women's specific model. Slightly narrower underfoot, a shorter turning radius to be effective and nimble in a myriad of conditions, and with a twin tip to allow for more free expression, but still a wide body ski with Reflect-Tech that went from edge to edge seamlessly and provided the powder surfing sensation we had come to love. Enter The Devastator and its twin sister The Aretha. This ski went through a few prototypes before we had it just right because the proper flex was important. This ski needs to charge everything. It does.

"It’s not an insult to tell a woman that all their strength originates in their hips, when you explain how it will effect their skiing positively. We realized this and so when it came time to configure a family of like-minded, Reflect Tech shapes from the recent Devastator project, we assumed no better way than to implement the women’s specific Contour Core profile to deliver them an equally nimble experience just as we had tested and as result, adored." -Matt Sterbenz-


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 2014 Specs
Reverse Camber Reverse Camber
Length 174 cm 164 cm
Dimensions 130x105x125 124x102x119
Turn Radius 25 m 25 m
Edge 141 cm 131 cm
Weight 8.5 lbs 8.0 lbs
All Mountain
Features all-mountain, backcountry, Eric Hjorleifson, Powder, reflect tech, reverse camber, Rocker, twin-tip