2014 CRJ

CR Johnson’s signature ski. Perpetually ahead of his time, CR’s legacy lives on in the final production year of his signature ski and brain child. Playful, fun, and poppy, this ski fills a unique niche in anyone’s quiver (even if it’s a quiver of one). Whether you search for the ever elusive untracked line, or prefer bus laps hot-dogging under the lift for all the looky-loos, you can be guaranteed one thing: You will have fun on this ski.

“The CRJ is a ski that the late CR Johnson painted on a truly blank canvas. The original images CR sketched in the fall of 2007 were hilarious, and up until we heard him talk about the design he had drawn did we think it could work nor be as popular as it has been. A true piece of CR’s legacy - the CRJ is a ski that provides the modern demands a mountain climate skier should expect out of an all around ski. The contact point between camber under foot and rocker in the tip and tail has a crucial point of contact with the snow that also mirrors the blend between traditional antd reverse sidecut to offer the skier the ultimate control as to when a ski should grip and when a ski should smear its turn. The controlling factor of these two techniques is made possible by a contact point located at nearly half the length where a traditional skis’ contact point should be, providing the skier a very sensitive feel of control and playfulness. The generous width makes this ski equally powerful in deep snow conditions.” - Matt Sterbenz


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2014 CRJ