A ski so stable and maneuverable, you’ll swear it must be some sort of cheating...  Our Vibe VeilTM technology along with our Mega-Block core will give you the confidence to “just point ‘em” on even the choppiest of days. While the full-rockered profile, along with our Reflect TechTM give you the “pivotable” benefit of a full-rockered ski, while letting you use the entire length of the ski’s effective edge for superior edge-hold.  The Devastator is a true One-Ski-Quiver that will keep you smiling no matter the terrain or conditions.
Length 194 cm 184 cm 174 cm 164 cm
Dimensions 142x111x137 136x108x131 130x105x125 124x102x119
Turn Radius 25 m 25 m 25 m 25 m
Edge 161 cm 151 cm 141 cm 131 cm
Weight 2676 g 2298 g 2060 g 1854 g
All Mountain
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ReflectTech Technology

Eric Hjorleifson conceived ReflectTech in order to make rocker and side-cut work together. In the past, full rocker profiles effected a negative impact on the ability of a ski to edge consistently. This effect caused the tips to hook and the tails to wash out with the ski on edge. With ReflectTech, the rocker radius and the side-cut radius match, allowing the ski to edge smoothly, creating predictable carving in all conditions. ReflectTechTM virtually eliminates tip hook. The ski will engage smoothly along it’s entire length, while still giving you the float and pivotability of a fully rockered ski.

VibeVeil Technology

Vibration drastically reduces confidence. The VibeVeil elastic membrane situated in the tips of our rockered skis dramatically reduces chatter and weak edge hold, commonly the result of extended negative radius profiles in ski tips when used in varied to firm snow conditions. All 2015/16 skis featuring VibeVeil have a transparent window logo highlighting the very material used in each ski.

Reverse Camber

Semi-Cap Construction

Devastator Devastator Devastator
Top    Bottom    Camber

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