Thayne Rich, our White Room in house ski builder and newest global team member, shaped his signature ski, the INTHAYNE, to function as the perfect tool for his style of skiing; a freestyle ski that shines in deep snow.  The INTHAYNE is the first of its kind with a wide platform to float through the powder and a turned up tail to allow for confident switch pow landings.  It's a full rockered ski with ReflectTech™, so the ski will still carve well on firmer snow and also butter with the best of em.  If your style is born in the park but you're hungry to take those tricks you've learned to the backcountry, the INTHAYNE is your ticket to a pow-filled fun land.

Limited to 25 pairs, each hand built, signed and numbered by Thayne himself.

Specifications: 186cm, 137x122x131, 35M Radius

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