2013-2014 Renegade

An entire team of ski-techs, engineers, and woodworkers go back to the drawing board every year with Eric Hjorleifson to maintain the evolution of this deep powder rebel ski.

Everything from the Reflect Tech design (full rocker with matching sidecut radius) to the business and manufacturing models rebel against the status quo in the ski industry. The design and stiff flex will effortlessly turn without tip or tail hook.

Among all the inner developments that go into making this ski unique for 2014, a notable change over 2013 is the tail block insert to support the skis when used as walking sticks. 


 *These are cosmetic blems/ B-grades and are sold AS IS.  If you have any concerns as to what the specific issue is, please reach out to us directly prior to placing your order.  Also, please note that the displayed price is the discounted price and no other discount applies to Outlet items*

$399.99 $809.99

2013-2014 Renegade