Graeme Chilton

Fact Sheet:

  • 16 years old
  • Nicknames: Grom, Grom P, Grommet
  • Hometown: Vancouver/Whistler BC
  • Home Mountain: Whistler
  • 4FRNT Quiver: Switch, Devastator Jr.

What do you love about skiing?

I have always loved being in the mountain and exploring. Skiing gives me the opportunity to go out into the mountain everyday i can. The limitless possibilities in skiing keep me from ever getting bored. There is always something else i wanna try. 

Why 4FRNT:

"I ride 4FRNT because i want to support a company that really puts their riders first. 4FRNT has always made sure i have the top gear needed to learn new trick and ski hard. A lot of my favorite riders ride for 4FRNT as well so it was always a goal of mine to get on the team."