Uptrack Adjustable Poles

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This ultra high quality adjustable pole is ready to go on any adventure. With an easy to flip adjustable switch, you can change it's length to accommodate anyone in any conditions for an efficient hike up and epic ride down. Our 1 year warranty guarantees that this pole will not break, and if it does we'll refund or replace the product. This is how confident we are that you'll love these poles for years to come!

Get more for your money. We sell directly to you, exclusively here on our website, instead of through stores. This enables us to build our poles using higher quality, more durable materials backed by a longer warranty than others.

Titanal Aluminum lower portion is much stronger and more durable than standard aluminum poles. Titanal is extremely resilient, thus able to take repetitive hits from your skis. If you take a hard enough fall to bend the pole, you can actually bend it back without breaking, unlike traditional aluminum poles that otherwise snap.

Carbon Fiber upper is ultra-lightweight, responsive and durable. You'll gain more precision and sensitivity for improved feel with much less effort.

Hardened Carbide tips have a much longer life. This precision steel will stay sharp and last longer whether gripping ice or punching through to rocks and frozen ground. Backed by a full size powder basket you can count on these poles whether frozen tundra or bottomless pow.

Non-slip rubber gripis ergonomically form fitting in your hand for proven comfort and control. The nylon strap is easy to adjust and secures in place using velcro so you can set it and forget it. You are guaranteed every time you slide your glove through, it will be the same as the last time.


  • 1 Year guarantee to not break. If it does we'll refund or replace them
  • Adjustable length 105-135cm / 41-53"
  • Utra-lightweight Carbon fiber Upper 18mm diameter
  • Durable, resilient Titinal Lower 16mm diameter
  • Comfortable, ergonomic, non-slip classic rubber grip
  • Reliable Aluminum Power Lock
  • Powder basket easily stays afloat
  • Bombproof, non slip, Carbide ice tip
  • Light weight: 239 gr.