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2019 Blister Best Of Powder Skiers Choice '20 2017 Freeskier Editors Pick 2019 Backcountry Magazine Gear Guide Select 19/20 Blister Best of Raven


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Specs & Construction > 2019 Blister Best Of Powder Skiers Choice '20 2017 Freeskier Editors Pick 2019 Backcountry Magazine Gear Guide Select 19/20 Blister Best of

Designed and developed 100% by Eric Hjorleifson, the Raven carries the spirit of its namesake. Its light and free spirited and welcomes adventure from the gladed trees to the steep and exposed alpine terrain. It's unique reverse camber allows you to drive the ski underfoot vs. pressuring the tips like a traditionally cambered ski. The result is tips that automatically rise out of the pow and enable the ski to pivot with ease in deep and inconsistent snow conditions. Take it to an open bowl and let’er run, or if you prefer to live in the woods take a tour into the tight trees and marvel in how quick and snappy you can be. You don’t have to work hard to ski this ski, save your strength to go further.

This seasons incredible graphic was hand painted by Andrea Mueller, a close friend of Hoji, out of Whister BC.


Raven Construction

Ski Construction and Technology




Eliminating deflection, delamination and fractures in the ski tip. These three issues have long plagued the durability of freeride skis due to the abrupt change in snow conditions and tip slap on impact from catching air. The bordering material in a ski tip that joins the core end is most commonly comprised of hard, non-elastic polymers. We began experimentation in our White Room using different grades of Neoprene to withstand the shearing impacts and provide absorption for change in conditions. The result is a dampened feel that calms the ski feel and increases the durability.


Aspen-Maple Core


We started with clear Aspen and Maple stringers running the length of the ski at min/max tolerance of the binding screw hole pattern. To reduce weight, we eliminated the Maple stringers, making the core 100% clear Aspen and then milling a 4mm x 60cm pocket where the min/max of the binding mount will occur and use clear Maple inserts to support the binding retention without adding all the weight. We rely on carbon stringers to support the tip/tail end of the core where the Maple is no longer present.


Carbon Fiber


A non-elastic alternative to traditional fiberglass. The carbon runs the length of the ski like a stringer, acting as a springboard of flex, superior to what traditional fiberglass is capable of. Carbon Fiber adds an incredible amount of strength with very little added weight.


Tail Block


A complex insert which adjoins the core end and runs out to the tail edge perimeter. Full wrap metal edge skis often stood on their tail end have a tendency to delaminate, due the weak joint bearing the skis weight between metal, rubber and fiberglass. A tail block eliminates the sensitive joint between laminates and edge and allows for non-invasive customization for skin tail clips if so desired.


Semi Cap ABS Sidewall


Similar to how you construct a sandwich, layers of premium raw material pile high into a 3D cavity that secures the shape outline with an ABS sidewall over edge. The semi cap design provides longevity and durability of the top sheet edge by stepping down from the square edge of the sidewall leaving a smooth 360 degree round-contoured edge perimeter. The exposed sidewall protects the core from moisture while also dampening vibrations.


Sintered Base


Our premium ski base, also known in the industry as a “race base” because it integrates carbon to further strengthen its gliding properties. At 1.3mm this fast, freely gliding and tough carbon base is much more durable than other base material and matches perfectly with our 2mm edge material. The sintering process occurs prior to extrusion, where the the carbon and plastic enter into an extruder in pellet form, therefore individually contributing its own dense properties to the final product.

Desc. No. 4f-516771905
Signed By Signature
Date 01-07
Department Construction Features
4frnt logo

Raven Geometry

LENGTH 170 cm 177 cm 184 cm 190 cm
DIMENSIONS 120-104-111 mm 120-104-112 mm 121-104-112 mm 121-104-113 mm
TURN RADIUS 29 m 29 m 29 m 29 m
EFFECTIVE EDGE 1150 mm 1220 mm 1290 mm 1350 mm
805 mm
840 mm
870 mm
825 mm
860 mm
890 mm
TIP HEIGHT 54 mm 54 mm 54 mm 54 mm
TIP ROCKER HEIGHT 14.68 mm 15.32 mm 16.18 mm 16.80 mm
382 mm
382 mm 382 mm 382 mm
TAIL HEIGHT 23 mm 23 mm 23 mm 23 mm
TAIL ROCKER HEIGHT 3.66 mm 4.25 mm 4.86 mm 5.42 mm
TAIL LENGTH 289 mm 289 mm 289 mm 289 mm
NEGATIVE CAMBER RADIUS 30 m 30 m 30 m 30 m
1090 mm
1160 mm
1220 mm
WEIGHT 1510 gr 1600 gr 1700 gr 1850 gr

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Raven Reviews

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Eric H.
United States United States

Exceeded Expectations

These Raven ski’s are awesome. They are very light weight and the design is super cool! I’m really looking forward to shredding this season. Hurry up snow!

Eric H.
United States United States

Exceeded Expectations

These Raven ski’s are awesome. They are very light weight and the design is super cool! I’m really looking forward to shredding this season. Hurry up snow!

Jon E.
United States United States

Raven is gonna help me fly

When I first got the skis I was really impressed with the craftsmanship. Full disclosure... I haven’t skied them yet but expect the performance to be on par with the quality of the build.

Alan G.
United States

Great touring ski

Just back from maiden 4 day Backcountry tour in North Cascades. Skied variable terrain and conditions from corn to heavy mash. Skis were ez and predictable in all conditions. In steep/icy areas, just make sure you've got margins to deal with a little less edge/stopping precision. Great ride-will be my go to driver


Magic Skis

Read the reviews here and the detailed reviews at Blister and - they are accurate. Hoji and 4Frnt have founds the magic formula in the Ravens. I have had my 2018/19 Ravens for almost 2 months and paired them with Shift bindings for a lightweight slackcountry setup. For me, these skis will see mostly sidecountry days with short uphill touring laps (30-90min each), steep descents, and mostly soft snow/powder. That said I have skied these in all snow conditions from inbound groomers, high elevation wind-scoured/icy steeps, crust/crud, trees/bumps, and deep powder. "Versatile" is probably the word that comes to mind - these skis do it all and do it well. But don't think that versatile means these are watered down. Point them straight and they fly with forgiving balance and stability. The light/poppy feel amps up the fun factor in the steeps and trees. The profile and mount point make smearing turns and shedding speed fun and predictable when things get interesting. That this all comes in a ski light enough for dedicated backcountry touring duty - is another dash of Hoji magic. While these Ravens could realistically be my only skis, I do keep a pair of wider/heavier/stiffer skis for dedicated in-bound duty. I am 6'0" and 190lbs and went with 184s and factory mount point. No issues with the mount point as it probably suited my more centered stance anyway.