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2017 Freeskier Editors Pick Vandal


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The Vandal transforms your perception of the mountain into a freestyle paradise. You begin to look at every little transition as an opportunity to play. The ski's flex pattern makes it easy to butter and ollie, with energetic camber for lots of pop. It maintains stiffness underfoot to stomp landings, with quick sidecut for smooth carving between features and off kickers. The blend of flex and sidecut paired with reliable camber and a very gradual tip and tail rocker drives the Vandal through all terrain and condition with ease. 


Vandal Construction

Ski Construction and Technology


Semi Cap ABS Sidewall


Similar to how you construct a sandwich, layers of premium raw material pile high into a 3D cavity that secures the shape outline with an ABS sidewall over edge. The semi cap design provides longevity and durability of the top sheet edge by stepping down from the square edge of the sidewall leaving a smooth 360 degree round-contoured edge perimeter. The exposed sidewall protects the core from moisture while also dampening vibrations.


Poplar-Beech-Poplar Core

Ideal for freestyle skis which need a poppy core but with crisp edge hold, we choose a combination of Poplar and Beech. The Beech center runs the length with 20mm Poplar beams along the edge give this core great torsional strength to weight ratio.

Sintered Base


Our premium ski base, also known in the industry as a “race base” because it integrates carbon to further strengthen its gliding properties. At 1.3mm this fast, freely gliding and tough carbon base is much more durable than other base material and matches perfectly with our 2mm edge material. The sintering process occurs prior to extrusion, where the the carbon and plastic enter into an extruder in pellet form, therefore individually contributing its own dense properties to the final product.

Desc. No. 4f-6502233671
Signed By Signature
Date 01-07
Department Construction Features
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Vandal Geometry

LENGTH 165 cm 172 cm 179 cm 186 cm
DIMENSIONS 123-96-117 mm 125-98-119 mm 126-100-122 mm 129-102-124 mm
TURN RADIUS 16 m 17 m 18 m 19 m
EFFECTIVE EDGE 1274 mm 1338 mm 1427 mm 1400 mm
TAIL TO WAIST 762 mm 800 mm 837 mm 866 mm
MOUNT POINT FROM TAIL  770 mm 810 mm 850 mm 880 mm
TIP HEIGHT 55 mm  55 mm 55 mm 55 mm
TIP ROCKER HEIGHT 3.50 mm 8.50 mm 8.50 mm 9.00 mm
TIP LENGTH 256 mm 265 mm 275 mm 285 mm
TAIL HEIGHT 48 mm 48 mm 48 mm 48 mm
TAIL ROCKER HEIGHT 1.00 mm 1.50 mm 2.00 mm 2.00 mm
TAIL LENGTH 209 mm 215 mm 222 mm 230 mm
POSITIVE CAMBER HEIGHT 3 mm 3 mm 3 mm 3 mm
RUNNING SURFACE 1185 mm 1240 mm 1293 mm 1345 mm
WEIGHT 1680 gr 1850 gr 1940 gr 2110 gr

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