Replacement Brakes

Replacement brakes are available for your 4FRNT Deadbolt, Attack, Padlock or Adrenalin Bindings. 

The Attack brake fits Deadbolt 13,15 & 18 and Attack 13, 16 & 18.  Please note that these brakes do not fit any 07/08 model year or older Deadbolt 212 Demo, 412, 614, 816 or 1018.  If you have any of these older style bindings, which were manufactured by Vist, please contact us for information on where to purchase spare brakes. 

The Attack 11 utilizes its own specific style brake and is not compatible with the Attack 13, 16 & 18. 

The Padlock brake fits both the Padlock 7 & Padlock 11 bindings. 

For any specific fit questions, please contact us directly at 801.975.9500 or 

Price is for the pair.  

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