We channeled our inner-child when we designed this ski.  The Grom’s full compressed foam core makes the ski very maneuverable by keeping the swing weight of the ski very low.  Our full camber shape gives the Grom enough bite to let your little ripper let loose without losing control.  The Grom also features a fully capped sidewall so unlike your kids, you won’t have to worry when you throw them around.  Pair that with a graphic any kid will love and you’ve got yourself the perfect gift!

Length 147 cm 137 cm 127 cm 117 cm 107 cm
Dimensions 114x81x109 112x82x107 110x81x105 108x81x103 106x80x102
Turn Radius 14 m 11 m 10 m 8 m 7 m
Edge 121 cm 111 cm 101 cm 91 cm 81 cm
Weight 1233 g 1112 g 1000 g 831 g 775 g
All Mountain
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