The All-New: MSP 91

Posted: 10.17.2022
Posted: 10.17.2022
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About the *NEW* MSP 91

The all new MSP 91 is the newest member of the MSP family and already backed by an award from Freeskier Magazine's 2023 Gear Guide. Below we get into the knitty gritty of why we brought the MSP 91 to our line, and give you insight into why this is the best ski for your season. With help from Lead Engineer Bob Boice and our Team Riders, we will cover: why we landed on the choosen construction and shape, where we recommend you ski this ski, and why it's the right ski for you this season.



"The MSP 91 was a project to fill a slot in the MSP Collection for the skier that was looking for a narrower waist width all-mountain ski. We set out to create a ski similar to the MSP 99 with good edge hold and playfulness but with a narrower quicker sidecut using similar construction. The modern mid-shaped skis run between 15-20m sidecut so we thought that making the sidecut smaller than our 99 models would help make the ski quicker. If someone wanted a quicker turning ski in the same category as the MSP 99 the 91 fits perfectly."


"The core is a combination of Aspen and Maple which gives the ski a more solid feel without all the weight of a solid maple core. Maple is denser than Aspen so you get more stiffness. Titanal is a thin high strength aluminum laminate added on both sides of the core to add torsional stiffness along with damping characteristics to quiet the ski from vibrations when skiing hard snow or crud. The metal does add weight to the ski but helps with powering through broken-up snow so you don’t get tossed around as you do with lightweight skis."

Why Ski the MSP 91?

The ability to initate turns with ease and ski a wide variety of turn shapes makes this ski extremely appealing to skiers from intermidiate to expert ability. The MSP 91 feels like an extension of your body. It is efficient and makes skiing bell to bell feel effortless, driving the urge to explore more of the mountain then seasons past. "The MSP 91 is a tool that you can progress with throughout your entire ski career. I have just as much fun ripping high speed super g turns as i do navigating the bumps and cruising through tree runs. At the end of the day, if i'm going to the resort, this is the ski i want to grab." - Team Rider Mallory Duncan.

Where should you ski the MSP 91?

The three testing grounds for the 91... Stowe Mountain (Vermont), Alta Mountain (Utah), and Mt. Bachelor (Oregon). We sought out the worst hard-pack, chunder, and dust-on-crust conditions the East Coast had to offer to make sure the MSP 91 could handle it with ease. "This ski makes navigating rugged conditions far less of a burden, it holds stabile on hard pack and gives you confidence to carve through anything." - Team Rider Corinne Prevot.

For the West Coast we hit the steeps of Alta Mountain mid-winter and charged countless hot laps at Mt. Bachelor in the Spring. The ability to utilize a wide variety of turn shapes with the 91 made it a blast at Alta. It's a steep mountain with plenty of chutes to sneak into, and theres a ton of navigating to be done. It was at the end of a cold chalky run on Highboy when we knew the 91 was locked in as a highly capable frontside ski.

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