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Posted: 05.13.2020
Posted: 05.13.2020
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Thank you for entering the TREW x 4FRNT Giveaway! As a thank you for getting involved, we're hooking you up with 10% OFF everything off 4FRNT.com (copy code below). Massive congratulations to Nick Johnson of Kennewick, Washington on winning the full set-up.


Eric Lee O'Brien and Corey Nugent on working with TREW + 4FRNT:

"I’ve been with 4FRNT for six years and TREW for four, and am so pumped to work with each. There’s a consistent flow of innovation and creative thinking in both brands that is unique in the ski industry, and I feel fortunate to be a part of it." - Eric Lee O' Brien

"Pairing TREW with 4FRNT is the match I've been looking for. I feel that both brands and I share the same viison, and im super stoked to link them together to improve my time on snow. There is nothing like having the gear that allows you to ski and move through the mountain like you want to. Having a backcountry freestyle oriented style, the 4FRNT Freeride Collection always gets the job down. But having just the best ski isn't where it ends, having the right outerwear is just as important. TREW provides the technical features I need without sacrificing the style and more comfortable fit im looking for." - Corey Nugent

Boring stuff:
1. Contestants consent to receiving email newsletters from 4FRNT and TREW
2. Only one contestant winner per giveaway
3. Eligible for ANY SKI for 4FRNT (ski only)
4. SKI ONLY - no 4-LOCK Skin System or 4-LOCK models included
5. Selected ski must have available inventory - sold out models not included
6. Winner must have US or CA shipping address
7. Only 1 entry per person


Wonderful set to have send it to me

john adams

Being on a mountain is my release, had gear from them and it’s quality

Melanie Thompson

Skiing broken QSTs is alright but skiing indestructible MSPs for work sounds even better!


The stoke is live… and much needed upgrade is real

Adam Hernandez

Your skis are awesome! Perfect for the terrain I’m planning on riding.

Colton Satterthwaite
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