David Wise Wins Superpipe Event at Dew Tour Breckenridge

Posted: 12.14.2015
Posted: 12.14.2015
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David Wise is starting off the season strong by taking home the win at the Breckenridge stop of the Dew Tour. Conditions were tough with new snow coming in during the entire event. The conditions caught up to David, uncharacteristically falling in his first run.

Don't worry, Wise made up for it on his second run which scored him a 91.6 for the win. The run started off with a 900 tail grab, followed by a dub 1260 mute grab, 1080 opposite tail grab, switch 720 Japan, and finishing with a dub 1260 mute grab. Watch David Wise's winning run.

The rest of the competition was charging hard. Beau-James Wells and Alexander, Ferreira finished out the podium. Here are results for the finals as well as highlights.

2015 Dew Tour Superpipe Finals 
1. David Wise, 91.60
2. Beau-James Wells, 90.40
3. Alexander Ferreira, 88.60
4. Kevin Rolland, 87.40
5. Byron Wells, 84.40
6. Taylor Seaton, 81.20
7. Kyle Smaine, 79.40
8. Lyman Currier, 77.80
9. Birk Irving, 75.00
10. Broby Leeds, 64.80
11. Aaron Blunck, 54.60
12. Kris Atkinson, 51.80