20 Years of shaping Skiing

4FRNT was founded in 2002 when up and coming pro skier Matt Sterbenz was working as a parking attendant at Squaw. He had a vision of building skis that would enable skiers like himself to finally ride the mountain how they always dreamed. Tired of being limited by the gear that was available in the industry, Matt set out on a mission to change the sport of skiing.

Among friends and other passionate skiers, we founded 4FRNT. Our commitment to progression formed the brand and dreams of epic powder days inspired the products. Today we still rely solely on our athletes, designers, and loyal supporters to relentlessly brainstorm and cultivate innovation. We gather our inspiration on hill rather than in a corporate office, gain perspective on the chairlift not the conference room, and brainstorm innovation in our workshops not the whiteboard.

We never thought this journey would be an easy one, but with the support from skiers like yourself, the last 20 years of 4FRNT have been possible. Looking ahead, the driving force remains the same as it did on day one, an unwavering passion and commitment to Shaping Skiing.

The White Room

The White Room is our home of innovation and product development. What was once a small garage in the heart of Salt Lake City has been adapted into a state of mind that all of us at 4FRNT share. It has become embedded in the soul of our small brand. Whether it’s talking shop on the chair lift, venturing deep into the backcountry, prototyping at our production facility, or testing new skis on hill, the White Room embodies our ‘By Skiers, For Skiers’ mentatility.  

The original White Room was used as a small batch production facility, enabling us to have total control over the high performance freeride skis that we have become known for. As our brand and demand for our skis grew, we shifted production to well established factories that still shared similar values and welcomed innovation. These new facilities allowed us to fine tune our processes  and ensure the highest quality skis. The White Room defines our intention to prototype, progress and innovate ideas; ensuring that we provide the best possible ski directly to you, the skier.

Eric Hjorleifson's storied career of big mountain skiing and his obsession with his gear, go hand in hand with our White Room mentality. Refusing to settle for industry norms, we work intensely with Hoji, our athletes, and our factories to conceptualize new innovation. We work in realtime to get these ideas created and tested, leading to groundbreaking developments such as the 4-Lock Skin Integration System and our newest signature Multi-Radius Rocker profile found in the Devastator and the Hoji skis.

Today, our athletes are the driving force behind the evolution of our product. They are storytellers, ski developers, gear testers, and most importantly great friends who share the passion and love for skiing. We lean on them heavily to drive 4FRNT's innovation and future in shaping skiing. Find their words, videos, photos and stories in our #StoriesfromtheFRNT.