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4FRNT Backcountry Gear

4FRNT Backcountry Skiing Touring

Touring is in our blood. As 4FRNT has evolved over the last decade and a half we have been venturing into the backcountry here in the Wasatch. One of the amazing things about the Wasatch backcountry experience is how accessible everything is with various trailheads up all of the canyons. We don't have the largest mountain range out there, but for what we have, we make it count.

Since our early roots we have explored more and more terrain across North America and across the world. We have partnered with athletes like Eric Hjorleifson, Wiley Miller, and Kye Petersen who love the backcountry as much as we do. These athletes have helped us hone our ski design to best meet the needs of you, the athlete.

The Gear

Before we get to the skis, we need to make sure you have the right touring gear. From touring bindings, to adjustable poles, and skins, we have you covered. 

4FRNT Adrenalin 16 Backcountry Touring Bindings 4FRNT Icicle Backcountry Touring Pole 4FRNT Trailbreaker Skins Backcountry Touring

Backcountry Touring

These skis are your super versatile, lighter weight, do-it-all type of skis.  They will keep your legs fresh and your grins strong as you lap your favorite zone.


4FRNT Raven Backcountry Touring Ski  4FRNT Hoji Backcountry Touring Ski  4FRNT Hoji W - Womens Backcountry Touring Ski  4FRNT Kye 95 Backcountry Touring Ski  4FRNT Kye 110 Backcountry Touring Ski



Backcountry Pow

For those epic days in the backcountry after a monster dump of snow you might need a little extra float to keep you up on top of the snow instead of sinking into it.
4FRNT Renegade Backcountry Touring Ski 4FRNT Kye 120 Backcountry Touring Ski

Backcountry Jump & Jib

Think of these as your park skis for natural terrain or man made airs in the backcountry. For those among us who love to head out into the woods and hit kickers, these are the skis for you.
4FRNT Yle Backcountry Touring Ski 4FRNT Devastator Backcountry Touring Ski