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Saga x 4FRNT Collab

We dig what our neighbors, Saga Outerwear, have been up to. Not only do we share a wall, but we share an athlete, Wiley Miller. When the opportunity came to collaborate, we jumped at the chance to deck out Wiley from head to toe in 4FRNT and Saga gear. 

Saga first launched back in 2005 with its roots in the mountains of Montana.  In the same way that 4FRNT wasn't happy with the freeride ski offerings in the early 2000's, Saga wasn't happy with the outerwear options at the time either. They developed a rad clothing line that fit loose, ran tall, and was ideal for maximizing range of motion needed when hucking backcountry kickers. 

We developed a full camo kit including the YLE ski & YLE COYOTE ski for juniors both with a camo top sheets, a camo Monarch 3L Jacket, as well as a Crimson & Signal necktube. Once you're back in the parking lot or out on the town, we teamed up to create a Rough Neck Jacket and camo Monarch 5-Panel to keep you looking fresh all day.


Saga YLE SkiSaga YLE Coyote Ski

Saga Monarch 3L JacketSaga Monarch 5-PanelSaga Crimson Neck TubeSaga Signal Neck Tube

4FRNT Saga Rough Neck Jacket