15/16 Click!

Full wood core and full cap construction make the Click! a great ski for anyone who likes jibbing the most unique features.  Lightweight but sturdy, the Click! handles a wide variety of transitions and obstacles well.  Softer than the Switchblade, the Click! likes to be thrown around and butters any lip easily. 

Length 177 cm 172 cm 167 cm 162 cm 157 cm
Dimensions 119x87x113 118x86x113 117x85xx112 116x84x111 115x83x110
Turn Radius 17 m 16 m 15 m 14 m 13 m
Edge 144 cm 139 cm 134 cm 129 cm 124 cm
Weight 1512 g 1433 g 1372 g 1324 g 1280 g
All Mountain
Cap Construction

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