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19/20 - Renegade Prototype 184cm - NEW

Regular price $399.00 Sale price $849.00
Why only $399.00?
The 19/20 - Renegade Prototype 184cm - NEW is only $399.00 because we sell our products directly to you, exclusively here on our website, instead of through stores. This enables us to deliver a higher quality, award-winning products directly to your front door for less. You get more for your money!

Over a decade ago Eric Hjorleifson clicked into the Renegade for the first time and launched his legendary ski career. Pioneering human powered big mountain ascents and iconic high-speed descents, Eric has reinvented how we look at big mountain lines.  It’s a ski you can trust for charging hard with no speed limit and stomping high-impact landings.  In the words of Hoji, "I just want powder skiing to be easy for everyone."

Hoji's signature hard charging pow weapon has returned this year with a vengeance and is more dialed than ever before.  It's innovative shape, paired with the hard charging flex you all have grown to love, and a new and improved rocker profile will have you shredding lines just like Eric Hjorleifson intended!

This seasons incredible graphic was hand painted by Andrea Mueller, a close friend of Hoji, out of Whister BC.


19/20 - Renegade Prototype 184cm - NEW Reviews