22/23 SWITCH Display

Unlock the Mountain's Potential

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We welcome the Switch back to our freeride family for another year of all-mountain destruction. Bridging the gap between freestyle and all mountain, the Switch unlocks the mountain's full potential and expands your ability to shred every type of terrain. Whether you’re laying over trenching turns, pinning it through the trees, boosting off your favorite side hit, or lapping through the park the Switch enables you to ski harder than ever before. Its lightweight Aspen/Maple construction with carbon fiber stringers provides unwavering stability and ample energy to charge and boost your way from top to bottom. Pair this with its nimble 19m turn radius and you can ensure you’re zig zagging around your buddies to find the hidden stash before they do. Ditch your old planks and make the Switch yours!

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22/23 SWITCH Display Geometry

Select Length:
163 cm
177 cm
Length: 163 cm
Length: 177 cm

Construction Features

1 Aspen Maple Core

Aspen Maple Core

Made from the highest quality Aspen and Maple Canada has to offer, these cores are loaded with unwavering energy and pop. These pure hardwood cores don’t just guarantee a smooth damp right, but also provide long lasting durability and incredible binding retention.

2 Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber

When stability and energy are a must and weight is a factor, we add pre stretched carbon fiber stringers to the core. Far superior to the flex and pop of traditional fiberglass, carbon fiber gives you the liveliness you want at a weight that keeps your skis feeling light on your feet. These

3 Neotip


After experimenting for years in the Whiteroom, we discovered that the addition of a Neoprene insert in the tip of the ski drastically reduced chatter, increased overall damping, and helped eliminate frustrating tip delamination.

4 UHMW Sidewalls

UHMW Sidewalls

A incredibly resilient and durable polyethylene sidewall material that absorbs vibrations from firm snow and big impacts. The polyethylene characteristics of the Ultra High Molecular Weight actually diverts impact energy and disperses it rather than cracking like standard sidewalls.

5 Sintered Base

Sintered Base

This premium base material is known in the ski industry as ‘Race Base’ because it is fast AF! Integrated with carbon to further strengthen its gliding properties these 1.4 mm base are tough as can be, to ensure you go fast season after season.


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