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The Coyote is only $199.00 because we sell our products directly to you, exclusively here on our website, instead of through stores. This enables us to deliver a higher quality, award-winning products directly to your front door for less. You get more for your money!
Specs & Construction > Unlike the cartoon character, you’ll have no problem catching the ‘RoadRunner’ in the powder with these sticks. It's extra wide shape will help any Grom reach their full potential to finally keep up with the rest of the family on powder days.


Coyote Construction

Ski Construction and Technology



Short for encapsulated, the 3D mould is entirely bordered by the top layering of composites to leave a clean, seamless side profile. Performance is enhanced by containing naturally occurring vibrations resulting in a  highly active and responsive flex that welcomes newcomers to the sport with enhanced edge feel and control.

Foam Core

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we build a cap mould and inject Polyurethane Foam to fill the cavity of the ski. The result is a lightweight, snappy ski feel that is lightweight and durable for entry level skiers.

Extruded Base

We use extruded bases for our junior collection. It’s a durable base for the young skier since they are neither as heavy or demanding as adults with their speed and terrain choices. The extruded base easily accepts wax and glides great on and off the piste.
Desc. No. 4f-6504578119
Signed By Signature
Date 01-07
Department Construction Features
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Coyote Geometry

LENGTH 137 cm 147 cm 157 cm
DIMENSIONS 117-100-117 mm 122-105-122 mm 128-110-128 mm
TURN RADIUS 17 m 20 m 21 m
EFFECTIVE EDGE 1137 mm 1213 mm 1298 mm
TAIL TO WAIST 665 mm 714 mm 760 mm
MOUNT POINT FROM TAIL  665 mm 714 mm 760 mm
TIP HEIGHT 33 mm 40 mm 60 mm
TIP ROCKER HEIGHT 4.96 mm 5.33 mm 7.72 mm
TIP LENGTH 346 mm 363 mm 401 mm
TAIL HEIGHT 33 mm 40 mm 42 mm
TAIL ROCKER HEIGHT 4.70 mm 4.58 mm 5.31 mm
TAIL LENGTH 308 mm 321 mm 351 mm
RUNNING SURFACE 716 mm 785 mm 818 mm
WEIGHT 1200 gr 1450 gr 1600 gr

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