14/15 HOJI W

We would've felt optimistic, to say the least, properly forecasting the demand for the HOJI.  Based on that demand, we created the HOJI W.

We found that women were purchasing and loving the HOJI in a 179 cm length and we couldn't keep it in stock.  We designed the HOJI W specifically for women with a more forgiving flex for lighter frames, and contour core to match the natural geometry of a woman's center of gravity and added a 171 cm size to round out the series.

Plenty of ladies these days ski big mountain terrain and now they have a legitimate ski choice.  But don't take our word for it, hear it straight from two fem rippers; She Jumps founder, Claire Smallwood here or from Blister ski reviewer Julie Van Raalte here.

Available size is the 187 cm.


Length 187 cm 179 cm 171 cm
Dimensions 130x112x121 129x112x120 128x112x119
Turn Radius 30 m 30 m 30 m
Edge 133 cm 125 cm 117 cm
Weight 5.4 lbs 4.9 lbs 4.6 lbs
All Mountain
ContourCore Technology

Our women’s skis feature shapes similar to our men’s line but we set these skis apart with our, women’s spe- cific, ContourCore construction. Women tend to drive a ski from their hips which generates forces down through their heels. With our women’s cores, we’ve moved the weight of the core rearwards (5cm) to accom- modate this more centered skiing style. This lets women drive the true center of the core weight instead of constantly fighting from behind, while still being centered over the side cut.

Reverse Camber

Semi-Cap Construction

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