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MSP99 - Blemish

Regular price $349.00 Sale price $799.00

*DISCOUNT CODES CAN NOT BE USED... they're already crazy cheap!

In its first year, the MSP99 instantly became our most award winning ski due to it's incredibly versatile and intuitive handling. After one turn you will feel like you finally found your long lost soulmate. With a crisp and damp feeling on edge, you can make effortless turns down fresh groomers and continue crushing late into the day. If it happened to snow, lucky you, with the big shovel design and gradual rocker rise in the tip and tail, you will float and plane with ease. Whatever energy you put into this ski, it will give it right back to you and then some. 

These 2019/20 season skis are brand new with a subtle cosmetic defect in the graphic for example a small part of the top or base graphic is slightly off center. These cosmetic blemishes have no effect on the ski's performance or durability. We CAN NOT inform you of what the specific blemish is on a particular ski, but most of the time you won't even be able to find it.

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The Stash is the only place you will ever find our skis sold at discounted prices due to irregularities in the graphic, being out of it's original packaging or slightly used. However just like our full priced skis, they are all backed by our One Year Warranty and Money Back Guarantee. These prices are insanely low, so they sell out fast. If you see something you like, we suggest you grab it now before it's gone!