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Single Skis

Regular price $1,000,000,000.00

Single Skis

*DISCOUNT CODES CAN NOT BE USED... these skis are already crazy cheap!

**Single skis ship to US only

Every now and then we recover a few skis who's partner didn't make it through to the end of the factories production line. Literally 1 single ski, not a pair. So we sell them here as single skis super cheap for skiers that lost their other ski or damaged it beyond repair or literally only have 1 leg!

Some may be perfect, others have a cosmetic defect in the graphic for example a small part of the graphic is slightly off center or there is a gentle scuff in the base or top that happened during handling. These cosmetic blemishes have no effect on the ski's performance or durability and most of the time you won't even see the defect.

All skis are guaranteed to perform 100% and are covered by our full warranty.  Due that these skis are mismatched we can only extend credit rather than our full moneyback guarantee.  So you can still use them for 3 days and return them for credit towards another ski, but not for a full refund. 

  • Shipping to US only because after we pay for shipping we would lose money at these super low prices.
  • Discounts can not be used because these skis are already super cheap and we would be losing money.