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Review, Photos, and Video by Ian Hamilton

“Having not ridden a non-twin tip ski in decades it took a couple seasons for the 4FRNT family to convince me to try out the Renegades. Wish I would’ve listened sooner. I was blown away at how stable they felt at speed but how nimble and agile they were when I need to make a quick turn. I felt like I was flying, but could slash or sink into the snow at a whim. Even compared to other wide pow skis I’ve ridden the Renegade was in a class of its own in terms of float and maneuverability. First day on the Renegades was unreal, can’t wait for more.”


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Took my Hoji’s to Whistler BC- well the snow was better suited for my MSP107 but we did a lot of off trail riding. Steep, hard, soft, some powder- my Hoji’s eat it up. Probably a little too much now I need a base fix!!

Kenny Mckee
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