In 2002, while working as a Squaw Valley parking attendant, I wrote with my finger on a snow covered car window, 4FRNT. Among friends we founded the brand, our commitment to progression formed the company, and gondola laps on powder days developed our products. Today we continue to circle around our White Room ski press, relentlessly brainstroming and cultivating what's next, and are humbled when you tell us how much you enjoy our creations. We knew this wasn't going to be easy, but with you by our side it was an absolute blast and its hard to believe 15 years went by so fast. Looking ahead, the feeling remains the same as it did on day one: an unwavering passion and commitment to shaping skiing's future.

Keep your tips up and bases in the air,


Matt Sterbenz — Founder

Skier: Steele Spence // Photo : Josh Berman