Here’s to you, because without you, there is no us. After 14 years in production this collection, like other before it, innovates, improves upon, and advances the styles and shapes of yesteryear into what we consider our most proprietarily intelligent and refined product collection to date.


The Ski Industry uses “technology” in a myriad of different ways. In the past we viewed "technology" as a smart key word to describe a great ski shape, such as ReflectTech™. However we now know, after years of R&D, that materials scientists, like our athletes, play a pivotal role in ski design. This realization led us to our new VibeVeil™ technology, paired with ReflectTech™ shapes to strengthen edge hold, calm the ski in varied terrain, and make your best days even better.


We focus narrowly on freeskiing because it’s in our blood, because the way we see things twin tip skis saved skiing from a slow, painful, really un-cool death. While 4FRNT matures, so does the skier base with whom we supply, and new athletes attract towards the sport and the renewal cycle continues. Freeskiing breathes life into an otherwise stagnant sport. We feel proud to see our most loyal fans grow and with them spur a need for our collection to grow with them. So again, to you skier, we couldn’t do what we do without and you should take pride in the fact that you’ve helped progress skiing into the sport you see today.


Keep your ski tips up and get your bases in the air,


Matt Sterbenz — Founder