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Review, Photos, and Video by Snowbrians

"The Devastator lives up to its name. It juts out as a standout in the 4FRNT family. Its award-winning multi-radius rocker profile isn’t just a gimmick—it’s a game-changer. This ski has an uncanny ability to destroy any terrain you put it in, making it a freeride weapon that never compromises on performance. It’s versatile, hard-charging, and insanely playful. It’s got a cool graphic, too."


The modern freeride shape, combined with the pre-bent rocker, gives you the ease of surfing powder and the precision to navigate tight terrain effortlessly. The sidecut geometry works seamlessly with the rocker shape, delivering camber-like performance on firmer snow. With ample pop, comfortable swing weight, and unwavering stability, the Devastator thrives in any conditions or terrain, from boot-deep powder to steep, exposed hardpack.

Sharing a similar multi-radius rocker with 4FRNT’s Hoji ski, this ski goes beyond the one-radius approach. Three different radii through the tip and tail from a flat base provide the full height of a rockered ski with exceptional edge hold. This means the ski floats really well in powder but still grips a proper edge in firm snow. This versatility makes the Devastator more capable in various conditions compared to others in its class.

Whether you want a playful ski or one that can charge, the Devastator has you covered. Its full rocker profile offers a super maneuverable platform that can pivot on a dime and float beyond its width class. Even though it has a 108 mm underfoot, it feels as though it floats a bit fatter than that underfoot. The ski’s stiffness allows it to charge through day-old powder, bumps, and big mountain lines with confidence.

Personal Experience

I can confidently say it’s one of my favorite skis I’ve ever skied. From big mountain lines to tight trees, cliffs, moguls, and even the park–this ski excels everywhere. While it may not be the go-to for groomers, it’s still fun to carve. If your day involves park laps and cliffs, this ski comes highly recommended.

Having skied on them for 20-25 days in diverse Utah conditions, I’ve witnessed a transformation in my skiing. The lack of camber didn’t hold me back; instead, it elevated my performance. Faster descents through tight trees, a more surfy feel in powder, improved stability, and control on all terrains—the Devastator delivers. It’s nimble, fast, and playful on corduroy, and the graphics even earn compliments on the chairlift.

No matter the conditions, these skis have my friends enduring my rants about their epic performance after every run. Fast, poppy, and capable of handling anything under a 2-foot day—the Devastator is a freerider’s dream come true.


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