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Posted: 08.07.2019
Posted: 08.07.2019
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Team Rider Keree Smith prepares for another decent in Iceland | PC: Erin Jorgensen

Team Rider Keree Smith is known around 4FRNT for her badass adventures, taking her around the world seeking out new destinations and epic turns. Whether it is guiding trips for Empire Expeditions in Iceland, building a remote cabin in Alaska, bouncing around with her newly acquired pilot license, or bagging big mountain lines in Nepal, it's hard to guess where Keree is off to next. Somehow, Aaron Shanks, creator of the podcast series "Diaries of the Wild Ones" was able to sit down long enough with Keree to talk about all of crazy expeditions and adventures!

"Some days you only get one or two hours of sleep. You wake up in your bunk and you don't know when you're going to see your bed again. You start to go nuts. You're basically living on a wooden platform with one other guy."

Even with limited snowfall, Keree is on the hunt for rad turns | PC: Jordan Rosen  

"Meet Keree Smith, she is one tough chick up here in the Arctic. She was a Ski Racer, she works on fishing boats up in Alaska where she also has her own cabin she built in the woods. She is a pilot and an Arctic Ski Guide. She is full of good times and knows how to live and look after herself in this wild climate. I could do so many Podcasts with this girl, but I'm so stoked I got to sit down and hear how she became the Wild Arctic Woman that she is."
-Aaron Shanks - "Diaries of the Wild Ones" Podcast

Keree cashes in on her earned turns while exploring AK | pc: Megan Perra

Fly to ski access, putting the mountains into perspective

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