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The Final Test27265892417

Words by: Sam Kimmerle | Photography by : Dan Cardon & Guy Fattal

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Words by: Sam Kimmerle | Photography by : Dan Cardon & Guy Fattal

                                                                                                                                        Words by: Sam Kimmerle | Photography by : Sam Watson


                                                                                                                                                                                                          "This is the only real way to ensure our skis deliver riders with the best possible tools for the job."-bob boice


When Summer rolls around and the fatigue of endless pow and first chair last beer mentality begins to catch up, many begin the pilgrimage from ski boots to a fresh pair of crocs. However, 4FRNT and our athletes packed up our ski bags and met at the Mecca of summer shred: Mt. Hood. The mission? Make the final tweaks and tunes to ensure the stoke of our new 2018/2019 ski lineup. The crew? Eric Hjorleifson, the infamous Hoji and mastermind behind much of the 4FRNT ski development. Thayne Rich, 4FRNT backcountry shredder, ski developer and shaper. Kelly Mackenzie, team athlete and Teton pow crusher. Keree Smith, 4FRNT's resident backcountry dweller and adventure skier. Bob Boice 4FRNT's ski engineer and O.G hotdogger. And of course Matt Sterbenz, 4FRNT founder and ski wizard.

With near perfect Oregon summer weather cooperating nicely, we were able to get all the target skis on snow and reviewed by the crew of testers. Daily reviews and team chats were held for each model and reports of each ski were curated. From here we made our final tweaks and tunes to determine our 2018/2019 ski lineup. These daily reviews landed us on the final flex decision for the Renegade, Raven, and InThayne. Comparing three different flex patterns for each one of these skis, our testers were able to determine which flex best matched the goals and objectives for each model. Off snow, the team and testers chatted about big picture goals and the vision for 4FRNT's future. Having input from the skiers perspective is essential in shaping the future of our brand. As we move forward and test new ideas against "industry standards", it is important to ensure that we continue to enforce the concepts and ideals that have been instilled in 4FRNT since its birth in 2002. #ShapingSkiing

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