Stories from the FRNT : Harrison Brickman in GAH

Posted: 09.13.2017
Posted: 09.13.2017
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Harrison spends over 150 days a year often leading skiers deep into the Rocky Mountains backcountry, creating new skiing experiences like never before. He grew up racing since the age of 6, then moved into the Big Mountain arena in his 20's. Harrison relies on his gear to get him and his crew up and around the mountains safely with the goal to charge features and faces on the way down! We caught up with Harrison to talk about our team trip to GAH and what makes his role on our team fulfilling.

"Prior to our trip, I had spent lot of time on the western side of Rogers Pass, but very little time on the Golden side. I had heard that the Kin-basket side of the Selkirk's had pretty distinct climatic and snow stability conditions. Mid March last season in the interior of BC saw numerous size 4 and size 3.5 natural avalanches; so I was concerned to say the least about the elevated hazard before to flying into Meadow lodge."

"Initially I thought my role would be that of a Ski Guide during a film shoot; first priority assessing the overall avalanche hazard, doing route finding, taking field weather OBS, and constant assessing snow stability out in the field. While I ended up doing all those things, I also got to ski some film lines and open up some terrain in the Alpine; that aspect was really rewarding."

"I think the standout element of our trip was the really good group chemistry. Everyone brought something to the table, I felt like we really maximized our time. For me personally, being out in the mountains and learning about a new range and a new snowpack, is always awesome, and you can't get into professional ski guiding without being able to get joy out of digging in the snow, taking weather observations, and seeing the layout of new terrain."

"To me, working with 4FRNT means everything from top to bottom is rider driven. When you're out in high mountains with the products and the people who help shape them, there's a certain validation of everything the brand stands for. I guess that's my biggest take away from our trip to GAH." 

Location : Golden Alpine Holidays  |  Photos by : Sam Watson |  Words by : Harrison Brickman


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