Corinne Prevot

Fact Sheet: 

  • 30 years old
  • Hometown: Burlington, VT
  • Home Mountain: Burke Mountain
  • 4FRNT Quiver: Hoji CCMSP CC, Raven

About Corinne:

  • I am the oldest I have ever been
  • What's your sign? Aquarius Moon AND Sun
  • Profession? Multiple hat wearer and brain mother to brain child, Skida
  • Quirks? Color-obsessed and bow-legged

Why 4FRNT?

"Stoked that 4FRNT is down to support my tardy and unconventional behavior.  I dig that this crew is founded on the love of skiing - and that the people behind these skis are skiers.  They understand, live, and breath the creative process and it's special to have a company that stands behind that.  OH! and these skis are the most fun!"


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