Vermont Powder Chaser

Posted: 02.19.2019
Posted: 02.19.2019
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Words: Corinne Prevot | Photos: Dan Cardon

4FRNT Team rider, founder of Skida, and badass Vermont native, Corinne Prevot was born and raised in the Green Mountain State and has created a legendary reputation far outside the state lines. While Skida Headwear continues to grow and dominate the market, Corinne continues to focus on her mountain bike career, exploring the world through epic adventures, and spreading smiles with her contagious bubbly personality.
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"Bluebird powder days are rare here in Vermont, but they freaking RULE! Powder chasers in the Green Mountain State are a rugged breed of thrill chasers. We are easily excitable, optimistic, and excellent at layering, well, because we have to be"

"Our rolling hills come with the occasional punctuated ridge line, offering exposed aspects, rocky couloirs, and shrubby features. With enough snow and an early approach, fresh tracks and deep turns await the lucky ones."  

"In Vermont, we take what we can get. When the getting is good, we make early-morning and late-night quests to farm every inch of fresh turns we can find. This four day storm in early January meant heading out the door before 6 A.M. every morning and before I knew it, my New Year's resolution of becoming a morning person was in full force. When powder awaits, becoming a fan of early morning adventures comes with ease."

"Timing is everything. With fresh snow, comes frigid temperatures, high winds, and wicked wind chills. We put up with the gnarly below zero temperatures, wind holds, odd snowpack, and penetrating chills because every so often the clouds lift. On these days the sun's rays grace us with glory and we rejoice in face-fulls of powder because we all know that in a matter of minutes this can all change."  

"Our cherished powder can settle into ice and then we wait again patiently for the new Nor'Easter cycle to roll back through and refill out favorite zones. It's the cycle of East Coast powder that we all have learned to cope with. It has trained us to get it while the getting's good, and appreciate those back to back face-shots that happen every so often."

"The skiing in Vermont refines our skills, hones our appreciation for fresh tracks, and inspires big mountain aspirations - natural preparation for ski trips to bigger ranges and deeper snowpacks. Always appreciative and ever patient."

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