2020 Sneak Peak

Posted: 07.27.2020
Posted: 07.27.2020
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Team Rider Thayne Rich soaks up some rays as he puts the new Devastator to the test | Photo: Matt Powers

We've been hard at work since last season, working around the clock to dial in the all new 2020/2021 product lineup for all of you! Brand new models, fully redesigned skis, a groundbreaking skin integration system, 11 fresh graphics, and a ton of clothing and accessories completed and we can finally come up for a breath of air! All of this rad new gear is available August 5th, but until then you can get an idea of what we've been up to below.

Photo: Sam Watson.    

Photo: Yasuyuki Shimanuki.    

Check back August 5th to see the all new 2020/21 lineup!


Devastators are amazing skis! Can’t wait to ski the new generation!

Scott Alexander
I currently own a pair of the MSP 107 and they are my favorite skis. I would be interested in demoing some of your new models :)
Luke Ache
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