Posted: 08.16.2021
Posted: 08.16.2021
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The 4-LOCK™ Skin System consists of an inconspicuous 12x9mm hole through the tail of the ski that we refer to as the Hoji Hole™, named after Eric Hjorliefson. By inserting the self-locking skin strap through this hole, the skin becomes locked to the ski, eliminating tail clip slipping and skin failure forever. We worked closely with both Eric Hjorleifson and Pomoca skins for over 6 years of development to bring this system to life. For the 2024 season we're proud to integrate this revolutionary system in all of Eric's skis: the Raven (104mm), the HOJI (112mm), and the Renegade (122mm). Eric goes in-depth about the system in the video below.

We took this project on with Eric for a very simple reason, the tail attachment system on pretty much every brand of skin out there is failing. They aren't working. The 4-LOCK system completely elimates tail slipping forever. Once we set out to tackle the project we uncovered a full list of inefficiences in Skin Systems that we could improve on.

Eric found that by placing the hole in the rocker zone 20cm’s from the tail, he could reduce his skin length by up to 12% to improve uphill efficiency without affecting the skis downhill performance. This reduced skin length weighs in at less than 240g per skin and folds up impossibly compact, saving you more weight on your feet and more space in your pack than any other set up on the market.


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