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Posted: 12.14.2022
Posted: 12.14.2022
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Team Riders Jake Doan and Noah Maisonet present 'As Fun As It Looks,' filmed over 9 days in British Columbia. "The end of February in Utah last season marked the longest dry spell in recent history. I threw a hail mary and drove 18 hours north to link with Noah, whom I had never met. Turns out, he’s a homie, it snowed the first day I got there, and we got clips everyday. We passed a Panasonic x2000 back and forth for 9 days of filming, and this was the result." - Jake

Click HERE to see the skis in this edit.


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Sure is ‘More Fun Than The East’ right now. Thanks for pumping us up back east 4FRNT. Pray for snow

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