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Posted: 01.25.2024
Posted: 01.25.2024
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Exum Guides is one of North Americas oldest and most renowned guiding companies, based out of Grand Teton National Park in Jackson Hole, WY. Their guides exclusively ski 4FRNTs, choosing the Eric Hjorliefson Collection to navigate the steep granite peeks of the Tetons with their clients. After countless days spent guiding on the skis, they offered up their review on how the skis perform when put to the test.

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What's your feedback on 4FRNT ski performance while guiding in the Tetons?


"The Hoji is a super fun to ski. They are really well built. I had close to 70 days both resort and backcountry and they still look and feel brand new." - Blake Votilla

"I had most days on the 184cm Hoji. An excellent balance of stability at speed and maneuverability, they also make chop or breakable crust more manageable than anything else I’ve used." - Gavin Hess

"The Renegade inspires a lot of confidence because they are predictable. They also find a perfect middle ground between being nimble enough for trees and aggressive enough to ski fast in the open." - Brenton Reagon

The Hoji's are a perfect combination of nimble enough to feel confident in the trees but aggressive enough to ski fast in steep open lines. They are my favorite ski I've ever been on in that size category. Also, the 4-LOCK is the best skin tail attachment system I've ever used." - Brian Campbell

Thoughts on Eric Hjorliefson's 4-LOCK Skin System?

"So good. Never failed me. I love it." - Bill Anderson

"Dramatic leap forward in the world of skiing. No looking back." - Brandan O'Neill

"Further testimate to Hoji's engineering on how well this system works. To never have to worry about tail-clip slipping or skin failure while guiding again is gamechanging." - Brian Campbell

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