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Posted: 01.09.2024
Posted: 01.09.2024
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FREESKIER MAGAZINE: The Best All-Mountain, Freeride, and Powder Skis of 2024

We're incredibly excited to share that Freeskier Magazine has awarded the Switch, Devastator, Hoji, and MSP 91 as the best skis in their respective categories for the 2024 season. See the individual awards, scores, and reviews below.

SWITCH: #1 Ranked Ski in 97mm-99mm Category

Overall Score: 8.94/10
Playfulness: 9.69
Responsiveness: 8.59
Versatility: 9.28
Stability: 8.52
Carving: 8.71

This ain’t your grandma’s all-mountain ski. Probably because your grandma didn’t devour turns across the hill like you do, but also because the 4FRNT Switch is a beautiful bridge between freestyle and all-mountain like you’ve never seen before. A relatively new addition to the 4FRNT lineup, the Switch is a ski that lets you surf or charge however you please. The 99-mm waist width gives it versatility on fresh or hard-packed snow, and its progressive flex pattern ensures you can still get jiggy on side hits, off cliffs and beyond. Ski tester and Pit Viper President Dave Bottomley claims, “This bad Johnson was versatile and playful for fun all over the mountain. It packed enough stability to rail turns all the way back to the chair.” Now that’s a stamp of approval that we can get behind. For the freestyle-minded rider seeking a ski that will turn any part of the mountain into a playground, the Switch is your ticket to happiness.

DEVASTATOR: #3 Ranked Ski in 106mm-109mm Category

Overall Score: 8.96/10
Playfulness: 9.38
Float: 8.77
Versatility: 8.77
Stability: 8.83
Carving: 9.03


Annihilate everything you thought you knew about a powder ski because 4FRNT’s Devastator redefines the category. A 108-mm waist gives this ski an incredibly versatile platform to plunder a fresh storm, to days-old chop and everything in between. The brand’s signature multi-radius rocker profile provides the solid edgehold you expect from a cambered ski while maintaining the agility of a rockered ski. An aspen wood core keeps the Devastator stable and ultra poppy and maintains a comfortable swing weight no matter what you throw in the air. Truly the best of all worlds. Don’t believe us? Just take it from tester John Weir who says, “It’s arguably the best reverse camber ski on the market. Slashy, quick, fun and stable. It tracks amazingly well in a wide variety of snow and provides more float than a 108-mm ski has a right to. Stiffness underfoot provides plenty of power to carve up the hard pack, but this thing excels in chop and playful snow.

HOJI: #3 Ranked Ski in 110mm-115mm Category

Overall Score: 9.07/10
Playfulness: 9.54
Float: 9.49
Versatility: 8.79
Stability: 8.89
Carving: 8.62


Herculean, haus, hero, Hoji. All these words and many more describe the legendary Eric Hjorliefson, the big mountain-taming freeski pioneer from Alberta, Canada. Hoji has worked hand-in-hand with 4FRNT for several seasons to dial in the aptly named Hoji ski. Designed to be a workhorse on the resort, in the backcountry and on any steep in between, the Hoji caters to the skier who wants something they can lay into on every turn. The multi-radius rocker allows the rider to slash through pow, maximizing your ability to play in the deep end. It’s nimble in the trees and does a great job of eating up crud without holding you back. We can’t promise the Hoji will make you ski like the main man himself, but it’ll get you closer than most.

MSP 91: #9 Ranked Ski in 87mm-96mm Category

Overall Score: 8.65/10
Playfulness: 8.43
Responsiveness: 9.08
Versatility: 8.16
Stability: 8.71
Carving: 8.89


Many skis on this list excel at high speeds. But bring it down for a casual lap, and it could be more enjoyable. 4FRNT has fixed that problem with the MSP 91. A nimble ski that holds up at high speeds, this ski should be on your radar if you’re seeking a new driver for side hits, bumps and groomers. John Weir summed it up perfectly when he wrote, “It’s an all mountain play machine for new school carvers. With plenty of pop and a surfy tail, the MSP 91 will have you seeking side hits and slamming bumps.” The MSP 91 is a resort-minded ski that will ensure you have fun even when the snow isn’t falling.


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