Gin Chao: Skiing is Life

Posted: 02.08.2023
Posted: 02.08.2023
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"Skiing is life, everything else is just details" - Gin Chao

When we saw Gin's story we felt compared to share it forward. We shape skis for the purpose and spirit that Gin brings to skiing everyday. This video was produced and created by Ski Utah, Hestra Gloves, Chris Morgan, and Gin Chao. We hope you watch this, throw on some old-school country, drive up the canyon to Snowbird and remember how lucky we all are to be slidding on snow.

Gin Chao is skiing the 184cm HOJI in the video. Click HERE to check out the full HOJI Collection.



Cannot help but comment that this is a beautiful and happy piece of film. Glad to see 4FRNT so plainly featured. Congratulations on your good work and wonderful message!
(Yup, I’m Sam’s mom!)

Allison Kimmerle

Thanks for sharing Gin with us. We need more people like Gin in this world.

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