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Posted: 12.26.2016
Posted: 12.26.2016
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Eric Hjorleifson's Fantasy Camp

Every fall, Eric Hjorleifson in partnership with Golden Alpine Holidays, organizes 3 weeks of Freeride Ski Camps. For 6 years now, Eric has partnered with ACMG guides to provide a clever way for early season skiing in what has been, the most predictably plentiful conditions found in North America that time of year.

Line selection, snow science, avalanche drills, bad jokes, demo skis, lots of powder and amazing food are all what to expect for this unique human powered ski adventure (well you do heli into the lodge). We sent our Founder, Matt Sterbenz, to chase around Eric earlier this month to show off what a typical day at Eric's Fantasy Camp is like. Enjoy.

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