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Posted: 11.13.2023
Posted: 11.13.2023
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When we set out to re-engineer the HOJI and Devastator we knew there was a way to bridge the gap between rocker and camber. Why sacrifice important aspects of performance in either rocker or camber? Is there a way to utilize the benefits of each into one modern shape? 4FRNTs long time ski engineer Bob Boice, worked hand in hand with big mountain ski legend Eric Hjorleifson to imagine and shape our signature Multi-Radius Rocker profile. This shape provides the power and control of a cambered ski with the float and surfy sensation of rocker. This modern rocker profile shaped a totally new style of ski for 4FRNT that was capable of bridging the gap between on-piste and off-piste performance.

The Multi-Radius Rocker shape features one consistent sidecut radius throughout the ski with three different rocker radii as you extend towards the tips or tails of the ski. The flat base under foot, blended with the mutiple rocker elipses increases the effective edge of the ski while still providing the full rocker experience. Skiers feel the grip and stability of a cambered ski in firm and variable conditions while heightening their experiences in soft snow with tips that naturally rise to the surface. For the first time, skiers can enjoy the surfy feel that rockered skis provide without sacrificing the grip and edge hold sensation on piste. This modern signature shape from 4FRNT finally gives you the best of both worlds.  
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