Ode to the Renegade

Posted: 03.20.2024
Posted: 03.20.2024
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Written by Guide and Team Rider Ben Hoiness:

"There aren’t many skis out there that can fundamentally change your experience. The 4FRNT Renegade does this every time you take it out, deep pow or not. If you haven’t experienced this unique phenomenon then you should quit what you’re doing and order a pair because I’m serious..this ski will change your life."

The first day I ever had on the Renegade was skiing outside of Cooke City, MT. It was November and the snowpack was shallow but the snow was cold and fast. I had skied plenty of fat skis before but mainly kept them in the quiver for deeper days where flotation was paramount. I remember standing on top of our first line and looking at my feet thinking, this ski is probably a bit much for this but oh man was I wrong... after initiating my first turn I finally sunk into a state of euphoria.

Hoji really did something special with this ski, it truly does whatever you want it to. I’ve hop turned it down tight couloirs, I’ve opened it up on big open faces, hit the biggest airs of my life, I’ve even busted it through crusts you thought only snowboarders could ride well.

If you don’t believe me then here’s a few quotes from other trusted sources:

-Gavin Hess (Mountain Guide, Gear Designer, Fat Ski Connoisseur.)
“Feeling the Rens come alive as they got up to speed was magic. The combination of stability when carving at high speed paired with the ability to shut it down and easily navigate tight spots is incredible. With a lightweight binding and skins, I have been choosing them for not only pow days but on those funky days with breakable crust and variable snow too.”

-Fred Marmsatter (Professional Photographer, Dark Horse Charger, Renegade Lover.)

“The Renegade is big and powerful, yet still playful and quick, responds amazingly well to skier input. Not just a powder ski. Plows through anything, does not get deflected. Probably the only ski I’ve ever been on that makes me a better skier.

-Brenton Reagan (Mountain Guide, Powder Master and Recent Renegade Convert)

“Sorry, I’m too busy skiing my Renegades every day.”

Really, I could sit here writing more about how amazing this ski is but the only way you can truly experience the hype is get on a pair. And once you do don’t forget… Always Bring Your Renegades!




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