Posted: 01.09.2022
Posted: 01.09.2022
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Prior to this past season, I have made 3 different projects with my own skiing and music. Each one has a different vibe, and looking back on them is representative of where I was in my skiing, but also musically. I can see where I have grown in both disciplines and where my inspirations were. For “Parallels,” I wanted to take elements of my previous work while adding footage of the music being created in the moment.

"Parrallels is a visual display of my two greatest passions in life, skiing and music"

Juxtaposing the skiing and music together gives a glimpse into how my personal style from both worlds complement each other. I feel as if this is a culmination of all my previous pieces, fully realized as a more mature musician, skier, and editor. I hope you are able to watch this project through your own lens and think about what passions you have that run parallel to skiing, and how different aspects of your life influence one another.


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