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Posted: 05.18.2021
Posted: 05.18.2021
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Words and Photos by: Josh Randich

The sport of Speed-flying is so new that all the styles haven't been written yet. There are so many angels to take it this new emerging sport still, and it's exciting to be on the front edge of that. Here are 3 STEPS TO GET STARTED that will take you from backcountry skier to epic Speed-flyer.

What is Speed-Flying? Speed-flying is a hybrid sport that combines the elements of paragliding and backcountry skiing. Speed-flying is done by launching from a slope (on skis) at high speeds with a wing overhead, allowing you to fly above terrain at a fast and freeing manor. It's gnarly and really fun to watch. See photos below.

Video: Josh Randich

1. Education and Training

Speedflying is a dangerous sport that can be executed safely if you have proper training. I first started with getting a P2, which is a basic paragliding certification that gave me insight into weather and basic wing handling. After a year of flying, I went to France and got my speedflying training at ATAKA school, the oldest speedflying school in the world. This sport is continuous learning and education, you can never know too much.

Photos: Josh Randich

2. Practice and Equipment

Your life is in the hands of your equipment in this sport. Much like rock climbing you have to be super familiar with your equipment and know how to set it up. You need to be 100% confident with your equipment every time you fly. Spending lots of time to continually practice with your wing is also essential. I spend a lot of time kitting with my wing on flat ground (ground handling). It makes you tuned in to your wing and how it reacts.

Photos: Josh Randich

3. Baby Steps

This sport is much more about your skill and has minimal physical barriers between a beginner and an expert. This makes it very easy to surpass your skill level. It is extremely important to keep yourself in check and slowly progress. Being a skill-based sport, it is and ever-going road of progression and is something you can do forever. Remember, there are old pilots and there are bold pilots... not both.

Words and Photos by: Josh Randich


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