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Sneak Peak31258312769

Team Rider Corey Nugent sets himself up for some corn shredding | Photo: Sam Watson

We have been hard at work dialing in the 2019/20 lineup for all you people out there and we are super stoked for the August 1st release on Between fresh graphics and some killer new developments we think that you 're going to be very hyped to get some under your feet. Although we aren't going to fully release the skis before August 1st, we thought we should give you a tease. Check them out below, get stoked on what's to come, and mark your calendar for August 1st to ensure you can get the skis you want before they sell out!

Can You Guess Which Graphic is Which?  

Check back August 1st to see the all new 2019/20 lineup!

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  • Oh, I see where I went wrong. The 100mm waisted ski is the Vandal.

    Scott on

  • Scott, those are some kick ass guess. You aren’t TOO far off. Jeremy, the wolf isn’t the 107, but we think that you still will be super stoked on the 107 graphic. Ben, no distributor but we do ship there!

    4FRNT on

  • My guesses: the wolf is the Hoji, the black/white is the Inthayne (no surprise), the MSP 99 is now 100(?), the wood veneer is the 107 (beautiful), the owl is the Ren, the ship with horned beast is the Devastator, the raven is obviously the Raven.

    Scott on

  • Ok, I’m bleeding from my pours!

    GUY K MCKEE on

  • Though I don’t think it is the case, I really want to believe that the wolf is on the 107 : )

    Jeremy Gordon on

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