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Stories from the FRNT - The Unsaid Shred Series: Part 2 of 4 - Library738689043


Every year team rider Josh Randich invites us up to visit his backyard littered with spiines for some steep and deep skiing. In years past things get in the way, but this year we made it happen. Josh came up with a plan filled with glistening maritime south facing features so we could get up close and amplify the high times found in the Chugach mid season. 

Our shred crew consisted of Josh and Wiley Miller. Austin Ramaley, Carson Meyer and myself were there to capture the action. We arrived February 1st and we spent 4 of the next 6 consecutive days climbing south facing spine walls right off the road. Only in AK and for only 1 week, we were living the dream!

Words by Matt Sterbenz


Featured Athletes // Josh Randich ; Wiley Miller ; Matt Sterbenz     Photography // Carson Meyer

SEE THE FULL STORY in the December issue of Freeskier Magazine or online at

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