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Posted: 05.23.2022
Posted: 05.23.2022
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How to Store Your Skis In the Summer

We hate summer here at 4FRNT, but inevitably there comes a time for all of us to clean up the skis and put them away for the off-season. Did you spend the last month skiing spring slush and you're skis are currently sitting in the garage with a layer of mud and grass on them? We're here to help out and remind you that it's worth the extra effort to take care of your skis and store them properly. Here are the FAQs and answers:

FAQ: Whats the Best Way to Clean My Skis?

Answer: We recommend going as simple as a hose and towel in the backyard here. Stay away from degreasers or detergents, and try not to use water with too high of pressure on the bindings. Make sure you take the time to get your skis as dry as possible, this is key for preventing rust on the edges.

FAQ: Where is the Best Place to Store My Skis?

Answer: If you can, avoid the garage, sheds, tents, or anywhere outside. You're after a dry space with cool temps, preferably somewhere inside your house. A neutral position for the profile or shape of the ski is also key, meaning you don't want anything that compromises the camber or rocker of the ski. We recommend removing any ski straps and un-linking the brakes from each other when storing them.

FAQ: Is it Bad to Store Skis in the Heat?

Answer: Extreme heat can negatively affect the epoxy and residues that hold your ski together. Avoid Thule boxes or enclosed containers that don't allow for airflow. Fluctuating temperatures can also cause condensation and moisture which lead to rust on the edges. A cool dry environment with good airflow is key.

FAQ: How do I Prevent Rust On my Ski Edges?

Answer: Cleaning, sharpening your edges, and storage are key here. Start by cleaning and getting all the moisture off the edges. Next, sharpen the edges and move the most obvious burrs to reduce the chances of rust. Lastly, find a dry place with air flow to store until the snow falls again.

Photo: Katherine Jondro

FAQ: Do you Need to Wax Your Skis Before Storing?

Answer: We suggest you wax your bases before storage. The real tip here is to leave the wax on (don't scrape) before you put it away. Be generous with the amount of wax you put on and even get some covering the edges, this will act as a protective layer during storage. We teamed up with Mountain Flow this season to make 4FRNT All Temp Wax. It's plant-based and biodegradable and works like a charm. Petroleum-based waxes transport particles into the snowpack and eventually into the watershed, so we recommend you avoid them.

FAQ: Do I Need a Full Tune Before Storage?

Answer: If you follow all the steps above there's no reason to bring them to a shop for a full professional tune. That being said, ski shops are obviously slower in the summer and it's better to deal with problems now rather than when you're panicking on opening day. If you have edge damage or need some serious P-Tex work, go for it and get it done. The whole purpose of this blog is really to make sure you're dialed in and ready to go for when the snow falls again.

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remember to tell people to not put storage wax over rusty edges. I see it every fall. Any other questions let me know, been in the ski business since the early 90’s.

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