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Posted: 09.10.2019
Posted: 09.10.2019
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20 YEARS OF powder and pilsner

Below is the video representation of the hard work and sweat of a group of passionate skiers who shapped the brand of 4FRNT. The movies show their hard work and dedication.

HERE & NOW - 2017

4FRNT’s 6th team movie theme is centered on a world where nearly everyone’s heads are buried in a mobile device and friendships and interactions between humans are dwindling. People would rather live through the Internet than spend actual quality time outside with real people.

Roadside camping in AK with Wiley Miller, Hoji checks in from a snowcave somewhere in BC, Cam Riley double kinks his way into oncoming traffic, David Wise breaks a World Record, Eirik Finseth hit ludicrous speed in Norway and Thayne Rich proves he's the next big thing in skiing.

DANG! - 2016

DANG! chronicles the year of the 4FRNT team as they battle low snow, long flights and lots of shredding.

Eric Hjorleifson, Wiley Miller, Cody Barnhill, David Wise, Andy Partridge, Finn Anderson, Mack Jones, Nick Miles, Matt Sterbenz, Thayne Rich, Brock Paddock, and more....


The magic feet, the long shoes, the slippery sticks we manufacture then bolt, strap and heli-coil ourselves onto. These are the peacemakers of humanity and mother nature. Without them, we have limitations, with them, we have none. Newcomer urban skier Cam Riley joins the likes of Kye Petersen, Wiley Miller, David Wise, Eric Hjorleifson and Thayne Rich in 4FRNT’s 5th annual feature team film, Shaping Skiing.

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