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Posted: 07.24.2019
Posted: 07.24.2019
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Brand Manager Dan Cardon leads the charge, Team Riders Thayne Rich and Brandon Craddock ride the wave | PC: Mark Erickson

The 4FRNT Team wrapped up the winter with a Spring trip to sunny California to step into the all new 2019/20 ski lineup. With some exciting new developments rolling out in August when the 2019/20 line drops here on, the team ripped around Squaw Valley to ensure everything was dialed in and ready for the release. Stoke was high, the sun was shinning, the snow was soft, and the skis ripped! Check out the shots below and get stoked for winter.

Team Riders Corey Nugent, Kelly Mackenzie, and Thayne Rich hanging at the Hydration Station | PC: Sam Watson  

Top - Counterclockwise- Team Riders Kelly Mackenzie and Ian Hamilton in lounge mode, Corey Nugent dials in a fresh pair of skis to test, Thayne Rich leads the crew to some corny hidden gems | PC: Sam Watson/Mark Erickson    

After spending the winter prototyping and testing new skis, we needed the team to make sure they were stoked with where we landed on the new renditions. The Renegade returned to the beloved charger. The rocker was fine tuned into the perfect shape that Eric 'Hoji' Hjorleifson has been dreaming about since its birth, the stiffness has returned to the stomp-able trustworthy beast it once was, and the team couldn't contain their stoke about the new graphics for Hoji's fleet of pow weapons. Our team of shredders confirmed and approved even with the 15% weight reduction in the Devastator, this weapon can still charge and throw down just as hard as before. This slight weight reduction simply removes some stress on the knees and lets you charge hard later in the day!  

Top: Owner Jason Levinthal getting ready to smash corn turns | PC: Sam Watson Bottom: Sam Watson nothing but smiles | PC: Dan Cardon  

Thayne Rich with the rock tap | PC: Mark Erickson   

The crew soaks in the views and Kelly shreds the wind buff | PC: Sam Watson  

Camaraderie means making sure everyone has a cold one | PC: Sam Watson  

Be sure to mark your calendar for the release of our all new 2019/20 product release on August 1st! Order early to guarantee you get the Award Winning skis you are most stoked to shred this coming winter. Don't snooze and miss out, you're going to want to get a pair of these hot new weapons under your feet!

Lot Life | PC: Dan Cardon  

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