'Elucidation' by Ian Hamilton

Posted: 12.07.2022
Posted: 12.07.2022
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Words by Ian Hamilton

After two decades of chasing my dream of being a professional skier I felt lost. I had accomplished so much, elevated my skiing to levels beyond what I ever imagined as a kid. So why did I feel so empty? What was the purpose of all those years of pushing myself to ski harder and harder? As it so often turns out, I already knew the answers to those questions, I just hadn't realized it yet. I simply needed a visit from my own subconscious, a dream guide, while deep in sleep. This film is a summation of all I've learned in my years of skiing and I'm grateful for the opportunity to make it and to share it with you. Thanks for the support, if you connected with the film please share with others!

Click HERE to see the skis in this edit.


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